Alex Mamontov Brief Review


Alex Mamontov may be the artistic phenomenon launching Russia into the stratosphere as the latest country of digital age mastery. His unique envisioned pieces of graphic videos and amazingly detailed imagery have captivated avid cyber art endorsers, scoring views ranking into the hundreds. It seems like his mesmerised fans simply can’t get enough of his modern adaption of artistry.

The art director and senior designer from Moscow seems to create a world of depth and definition, in which he transforms the simplest of objects into three dimensional explosions on the screen, somehow injecting life, movement and noise into the ideas that are clearly expressions of his own thoughts.

Alex focuses particularly on motion graphics, art direction and visual effects, which all seem to flow together uniquely in his pieces. ‘Volvo Concept You’ almost brings to life the creation of a vehicle’s dynamics and structure: combining texture and complexity in the highly intricate lines and shading of the car.

With his complex combination of strong colours and depth, Alex does nothing to distract viewers away from the central theme. The piece ‘Shattering’ captivates audiences in the explosion of a sphere like object, defining each singular part and using his practise of very bold, centralised colour schemes to highlight the focal point of his piece; i.e. the exploding ball.

Alex Mamontov claims that his pieces are all works of inspiration, each with symbolic meaning. He says that Vimeo is his primary source of ideas, in which he stores an account of previous creations and refers back to them when in need of enlightenment.

Of his video ‘Mecenator’, Alex explains that his sole intention in art and expression through digital technology is to create a better world. “The idea is centered around bad people who stopped to help each other,” he says in an interview with KickStarBoom.

Alex Mamontov is a creative sensation, whose pieces are definitely worth sitting down to enjoy. A highly captivating display of digital creativity, his talent is something to acknowledge.


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